Virginia Beach Vacation Guide

Balance Therapeutic Massage

Tue, 10/23/2012 - 10:34 -- mleone
1952 Laskin Rd, Suite 508

Visit the beautifully designed local's favorite massage center. The design concept, business structure and our location were well thought out so that we offer the most convenient and comfortable place to get your massage. We offer all types of massage including Swedish and Deep Tissue and we only offer massage which makes for a more relaxed atmosphere than you might find in full service spas or salons. We do offer Hot Stone massage and Thai massage. With Hot Stone massage we iron your muscles with perfectly heated hot stones for deep relaxing benefits. With Thai massage you are dressed in workout clothing but you do no work. We knead, press, and stretch your body during a well choreographed rhythmic routine in what is called the "lazy man's yoga".

All work is done by Certified Massage Therapists only. You will notice and love the pace in our facility as we give full one hour massages and build the prep time around each appointment. The therapist is never rushed in order to get to the next client and you are not rushed to get on and off the table during what is your massage time. Our clients really appreciate this. As with the convenience factor we have thought of affordability for you as well if regular massage is something you want to add to your life.

We offer packages of 3 one hour massages which makes the price for a massage only $49 and there are no contracts to sign. You can renew your package as needed.