Virginia Beach Vacation Guide

High Hopes Sport Fishing

Tue, 10/23/2012 - 22:36 -- mleone
227 Mediterranean Avenue

Capt. David Wright has been fishing the waters off the Virginia and North Carolina coast for many years. His U.S. Coast Guard Master's License allows him to fish all United States waters. With several thousand charter trips behind him, he knows just where to go and how to catch what's biting!

A charter trip on the High Hopes with Capt. Wright is always a success. Operating out of Rudee Inlet since 1978, Capt. Dave is the most experienced captain in the area. He grew up in Virginia Beach fishing as a small boy, and as a teenager worked as a mate on charter boats. Beginning with his first High Hopes at the age of 21, Captain Dave has enjoyed great success fishing out of Rudee Inlet, bringing to dock many notable catches!