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Oceanfront Yoga

Sat, 11/03/2012 - 18:12 -- mleone
3316 Atlantic Ave, Ste. 301

Oceanfront Yoga is the first ever yoga studio at the oceanfront of Virginia Beach. It was created out of the need for a private, clean and peaceful environment away from the noises of gyms and the street. Oceanfront Yoga is a community outreach, with the intention of creating classes that will fit every type and stage of humanity from tots to the elderly. The instructors of Oceanfront Yoga are skilled individuals who have been educated from an acceptable yoga training school of no less than one year. Many of our senior teachers have learned from a variety of yoga masters and hold several certifications. We bring to the mat many years of work, knowledge and love for the practice of yoga. It is our utmost desire to share our love for yoga with the community and bring the benefits of doing yoga to the lives we touch.